December 27

Sample Practice Tests (Free Access)


5 random questions at a time with immediate feedback after each question.

In this sample course, when you take a quiz, you are provided with 5 questions randomly chosen from a pool of over 10 questions.

Real Exam Environment Simulation

Our course is designed to simulate the real exam conditions closely. Keep a calculator and a Handbook/Primer with tables for probability distributions at hand, mimicking the actual exam setting. The quizzes allow you to skip questions, mark them for review, and return to them later, just as in the real exam. To add to the realism, we have set a time limit of 10 minutes for the 5-question quiz, instilling the time management skills necessary for the exam.

Immediate Feedback for Enhanced Learning

After each question, you receive immediate feedback with detailed explanations. This instant response system is designed to deepen your understanding of the concepts and rectify any gaps in your knowledge quickly.

Try this sample course to get an idea of the quizzes we are offering in the paid courses.