December 29

Certified Supplier Quality Professionals (CSQP) Practice Tests


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[365 Days Unlimited Access to Quizzes] Total 817 Questions – 10 random questions at a time with immediate feedback after each question.

Embark on a focused and efficient journey towards becoming a Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) with our comprehensive Practice Tests. Designed meticulously to mirror the structure and rigour of the actual exam, our course offers an in-depth exploration of all seven sections outlined in the ASQ CSQP Body of Knowledge [2023 version].

Strategic Practice with Randomized Quizzes

Each of the seven sections of the ASQ CSQP Body of Knowledge features a dedicated quiz comprising 10 randomly selected questions from the pool of questions for each section. For example, when you take a quiz in the Supplier Selection and Part Qualification section, you are engaging with 10 questions randomly chosen from a pool of over 280 questions. This randomness ensures that each attempt feels fresh and challenging, simulating the unpredictability of the actual exam.

Repeated Practice for Mastery

We encourage you to take these quizzes multiple times. With each attempt, you’ll gain deeper insights and reinforce your understanding, progressing until you start recognizing repeated questions. This repetition is key to mastering the intricate details and nuances of the Certified Supplier Quality professional curriculum.

Real Exam Environment Simulation

Our course is designed to simulate the real exam conditions closely. Keep a calculator and a Handbook/Primer with tables for probability distributions at hand, mimicking the actual exam setting. The quizzes allow you to skip questions, mark them for review, and return to them later, just as in the real exam. To add to the realism, we have set a time limit of 15 minutes for each 10-question quiz, instilling the time management skills necessary for the exam.

Focused Mini Quizzes

In addition to the comprehensive section quizzes, in some of the sections, we offer focused mini-quizzes containing 5 questions each. These quizzes target individual areas within a section and draw from the same extensive question pool, providing an even more concentrated practice experience.

Immediate Feedback for Enhanced Learning

After each question, you receive immediate feedback with detailed explanations. This instant response system is designed to deepen your understanding of the concepts and principles of Six Sigma, enabling you to identify and rectify any gaps in your knowledge quickly.


Our ASQ CSQP Practice Tests course is not just about answering questions; it’s a tool for deep, practical learning. It’s designed to build confidence, enhance understanding, and prepare you thoroughly for the ASQ Certified Supplier Quality Professionals exam. Start your preparation today and move closer to achieving this esteemed certification.